ATIGA – Features and Value Added – Comprehensive Coverage – Consolidated and Streamlined Rights and Obligations – NPFR – Comprehensive Tariff Reduction Plans – Harmonized and Uniform Rules for Changing Concessions and Corrective Measures – Non-Tariff Measures – Trade Facilitation and Related Chapters – ASEAN Trade Register Trade Agreement (ATIGA). September 25, 2008. Goal ATIGA. Define all the measures and commitments necessary to enable ASEAN to achieve the free movement of goods, which will create an internal market and a production base by 2015, one of the main pillars of the ASEAN economic community. ATIGA – Reasons – Developed in a comprehensive document to consolidate all existing initiatives relevant to the movement of goods – Maintaining existing principles and obligations in trade in goods under existing initiatives and related protocols. ASEAN Merchandise Trade Agreement (ATIGA) 25 September 2008 ATIGA – Outstanding Commitments – CEPT Package 2010 – Tariffs on 20% of remaining products to be eliminated from the list of inclusion – Other than products contained in the Protocol on the Special Regime applicable to sensitive/highly sensitive products ATIGA – Current Status – Draft text essentially closed /legally recursive – Vom 22. 26 August 2008 – Signed by the 14th ASEAN Summit, Dezember 2008 ATIGA – Features and Value-Add – Issue of legal orders – ATIGA provides for the adoption of a uniform law for the entire tariff reduction plan – no later than 90 days for ASEAN 6 and 6 months after CLMV comes into force – retroactively from 1 January of the year of entry into force – In the event that a single act cannot be adopted, the decree-law would be promulgated 3 months before the reduction of fees came into force.

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