We are pleased that applicants continue to be interested in The work of Enterprise Singapore and we are pleased to apply for the scholarship in subsequent cycles, with their updated academic results and experience. We also encourage applicants to explore internship opportunities at Enterprise Singapore in order to gain a better understanding of our work before submitting another application. Enterprise Singapore offers scholarships to foreign and local universities. We support a variety of disciplines. Applicants who take non-business-related courses, such as science and engineering, can apply. However, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, law, architecture and care, as well as equivalent specialized courses, generally do not receive support under this award. Always at the forefront of global developments, Foreign Service Officers (FSOs) are responding quickly to global events to protect and advance Singapore`s interests. These include analysing geopolitical developments, organising high-level visits and helping Singaporeans in distress abroad. If you are prepared for the dynamic work environment and want to protect Singapore`s interests on the international stage, overseas scholarships are your choice. Sign up for our mailing list to stay up-to-date with the latest stock market information. If you have any questions, please email us at MFA_Scholarship@mfa.gov.sg. For male candidates, you are invited to apply at the beginning of your cycle before you register. You can also apply once you have received your GCE-A results or the results of polytechnic diplomas.

However, please note that you can only participate in interviews during your NS block holiday between May and July. Therefore, we recommend that you apply at the beginning of the cycle or just before the end of your NS, if it is easier to apply for leave. If you successfully process your application, we will hold the scholarship until you have completed your NS. The following criteria must be met to allow applicants to benefit from the scholarship. MfA held the Foreign Service Scholarship Information Session on January 18, 2020. This event was aimed at graduate students in pre-study and NSF awaiting admission to university and interested in an MFA scholarship and a career. Participants had the opportunity to hear from our foreign service officers (FSOs) who shared their scholarships and careers with the strengths and challenges. Through interactions with our FSOs, participants learned more about what a career and scholarship mean with the AMF to help them make a more informed decision when applying to the MfA. Medium-term scholarships are available for exceptional students who are currently studying for university in Singapore and have completed at least one semester of the bachelor`s degree. Tuition and mandatory fees incurred prior to award are reimbursed and the duration of the loan is 2 years — the same as our on-site scholarship. Singaporeans are not required to meet a post-graduation obligation if they accept educational assistance.

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