The primary alternative commission is accessible by an agreement on the level of service between schools and the local authority. You can access this access via the Primary FAP and the assessment gateway. All AP providers receive a full Quality Assurance (QS) visit every two years. The SQ reports are published in these following pages. Any alternative supplier mandated by Warwickshire County Council or its school family must be located within the AP framework of Warwickshire. All alternative vendors that have successfully completed a number of compliance audits for seven topics are published in WCC`s AP list. The managed move can be organized by reference students via the primary FAP and evaluation gateway. The FAP Assessment and Evaluation Gateway is a multi-institutional body that has received proven recommendations from schools to advise and advise schools. In some cases, this may involve helping with a managed move to another school, which will be in the best interests of the child. Other secondary provisions are available by reference to one of the four behaviour partnerships in the Behaviour Partnership (ABP) region. (Click here to learn more about ABP) You`ll find the key interlocutors for ABP sector coordinators on page 6. Unregistered alternative offer (part-time, long-term stay).

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